Inventory Control Screenshot

Inventory Control

A cutting-edge system that centralizes your spend and tracks your orders. A predictive feature allows you to purchase only what you need to manage your stock efficiently. Time is money, and Guru Inventory Control minimizes the former to maximize the latter.

  • Centralize your spend with Integrated Purchase Orders and Invoice Management
  • Order only the items needed with Intuitive, Procedure-based Forecasting
  • Get the best prices with Global Pricing data
  • Free upload of your ordering data. Ask us how.
  • Free data conversion for all FoxFales users, even for users of the free 14 day trial.
Inventory Control Screenshot
Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification

A real-time tool that allows you to verify your patients’ insurance eligibility in seconds, without having to call the insurance provider. No wait times, no automated phone systems, no frustration.

“Using Guru has saved us so much time. The idea of not having to sit on hold for up to an hour, sometimes two hours is a real time saver.” – Guru Insurance Verification user.

  • Save time with immediate and accurate insurance eligibility from Guru’s web-based interface.
  • Keep internal comments on each payer with built-in notes.
Payment Estimator

Payment Estimator

Guru Payment Estimator is an instant, intuitive tool for easily estimating procedure costs and payment options. It puts new patients on the right track for treatment and you on the fast track for new business.

  • Highlight procedure affordability by focusing on the monthly payment
  • Create staff accountability by assigning your staff to the contracts they generate
  • Streamline your workflow to go from treatment proposal to signed contract
  • Generate a contract, payment schedule and attach a lending document with the click of a button
Payment Estimator

Sales Booster

Guru Sales Booster harnesses your successes into new sales. On your computer or mobile device, this groundbreaking tool highlights your best cases to new customers, showing the life-changing results that could be theirs. By turning potential patients into paying ones, Guru empowers you to reap the rewards of your reputation.

  • Increase sales with an interactive tool showcasing your patients’ transformations
  • Maximize your treatment proposal with easy-to-display before & after images
  • Clearly display your cases with an intuitive layout and design
  • Filter by age and gender to quickly find cases that speak to your prospects